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The company was founded in 2022 with a vision and goal to manage personal wealth/funds.

Centrix Markets Limited trades freely, with confidence, using cutting edge trading platforms, low latency connectivity, superior liquidity, flexibility, and security.

We provide one stop trading and investing experience, providing access to global markets and a broad range of asset classes and tradeable instruments.



We deliver on our commitments to our clients. Client satisfaction is our uncompromised priority, we strive to exceed the client expectations with unique Centrix culture.

We are transparent with our stakeholders viz., clients, licensors, authorities, regulators locally as well as internationally to allow us to operate safely and smoothly at Centrix.

We at Centrix, value and nurture long-term relationships of mutual trust and respect. Our one-to-one relationships with client helps to foster strong client confidence.

we have a experienced core team with indepth market knowledge with latest technology.


  • Established in 2022
  • 200+ Trading assets
  • Qualified leadership and experienced operational team Key broker community
  •   partnershipsDesk
  • All withdrawals processed within 48 hour time frame of their request
  • Execution speed on average under 10 ms
  • 24/7 Customer Support via our Help Desk

Centrix Goals

  • We consider Centrix Markets Limited primarily a technology company and we focus a lot of our efforts in working with our partners to develop new tools for our traders. In line with this, We have made great strides and progress in preventing illicit transactions on our platform and we are continuously exploring regulatory changes. We expect to be able to offer an all-in-one platform for asset management.
  • In line with our roadmap, we hope that by the middle of 2024 we will be regulated and would get into retail customers to share our trading experience with mixed assets and funding capabilities. Our team specializes in taking ideas, dreams, and goals to reality.

Products & Services






Leadership @ Centrix

  • The leadership at Centrix Markets Limited has a very diverse and deep domain exposure across the board. Ranging from managing traditional asset classes, FOREX, Bullion, Real Estate, Hedging and Risk management of funds to trading commodities. We believe, the relationship that's based on trust that is earned, a value centric approach and being transparent in our engagement have earned us as a preferred partner to many HNI's to private equity funds.
  • The team has a combined experience of over 40 years in successfully handling expectations and delivering results consistently. The team has been constantly evolving and adapting to not just the dynamic markets of today but also engaged in the next generation or Web 3.0 based financial solutions including CRYPTO and block chain based derivatives and digital assets.

Market Overview

  • The worldwide 2022 FOREX market is worth $2,409,000,000,000 ($2.409 quadrillion). $6.6 trillion on average every day is traded on foreign exchange markets. Every year it is growing, liquid and safe. The FOREX market is the largest financial market in the world in terms of trading volume, liquidity and value. Unlike other markets such as equities, the forex industry is the only financial market with 24/7 availability.

Centrix Matrix

Our Infrastructure

Trading Platform


  • Our servers are safely located in London and Germany with VPS hosting platforms with high speed connectivity, security at all times.

Our Team

The core trading team at Centrix had the privilege of having mentored by and worked with some of leading traders and benchmark brokers from Wall Street, NY and have partner network and channels across continents to serve better and deliver consistent results.

We take pride in our team and resources that drives us and also constantly strive towards delivering excellence through right knowledge and proven expertise.


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